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Franz Beckenbauer-Stiftung

HypoVereinsbank München 
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Bereavement and Wreaths

One of the many things to decide upon, when a loved one has passed away, is whether to accept funeral flowers and wreaths or to ask for donations instead.

The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation helps people with disabilities and people who are ill, or in need through no fault of their own. We would be much obliged, if you initiate an appeal to donate.

The text must include the “Name of the deceased: ___” and our donations account details.

Franz Beckenbauer-Stiftung
Hypovereinsbank Muenchen
Reason for payment: “Name of the deceased: ___”
IBAN: DE68 7002 0270 0036 4747 00

If time allows, please inform our office manager, Mrs Anita Büchling of the action. Contact