Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2019

Car for disabled

Mr. R. (age 48) is dependent on a wheelchair due to back surgery since 2012. He is 80% severely disabled. Since one of his two children has to be regularly taken to doctor and therapy appointments, the family is in dire need of a vehicle. Because of the harmful mold in their apartment, they had to move. An expert advised them to dispose of most of the furniture and to replace with new. Therefore, they could not save for a new car. Thefoundation contributed €5,000.00 to finance the car. 2018_040

Car for disabled

Mr. I. (age 51) has been unable to work because of a stroke since 2014. He was left with a so-called Frozen Shoulder. His employment has been suspended since then, and he no longer receives sick pay. His 11-year-old son has been suffering from symptomatic epilepsy, microdeletion syndrome, and dysphagia since birth. He is 100% severely handicapped and dependent on a wheelchair. For excursions, a nursing bed and a therapy chair are also necessary. Since the 20-year-old car was becoming increasingly costly, the family requested to be supported with a new used car, with a wheelchair ramp. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 5,000.00 to the financing. 2018_041

Wheelchair ramp

Mr. K. (age 20) suffers from a neuromuscular disease with distally marked muscle atrophy. He is 100% severely disabled. He lives with his father in a terraced house, which had no barrier-free access. The Nursing Fund and the district participated with € 5,600.00 towards the cost of a wheelchair ramp, so that Mr. K. can leave the house on his own. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation absorbed the remaining amount of € 1,706.40. 2018_043



Ms. H. (age 51) had disc surgery in March 2018. On the following day, when she got up for the first time, she collapsed due to pulmonary embolism. She had to be resuscitated and put into an artificial coma. As a result, she suffered amongst other things complete damage to the spinal cord and neurogenic bladder and intestinal paralysis. After several months in the center for spinal cord injuries, she achieved wheelchair mobility and can use her arms, but the motor functions below the thoracic nerves Th1 are completely dysfunctional. For her future life, handicapped-accessible remodeling of the family home was necessary. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 7,500.00 to finance a stairlift. 2018_044


Three-wheel parallel tandem

Mr. B. (age 29) is suffering from Angelman syndrome. He suffers from a mental disability and significant physical limitations. He is 100% severely disabled. Because of his disabilities, Mr. B. cannot ride his bike alone. He can ride a tandem bike with helpers. In doing so, he can join in peddling and steering, which strengthens his coordination. It promotes good health, trains social and communication skills, and facilitates participation in society. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 4,634.00 to finance a three-wheel parallel tandem. 2018_045

Used car

Ms. D. (age 59) worked in her husband`s company for many years and raised 3 children. After the divorce in early 2018, she had to move into a rental apartment with the youngest daughter (age 30). Shortly later she got unemployed and also fell ill with colon cancer. The daughter stopped studying to look after her mother, visit her in the hospital, and shape her everyday life. The old car could not be repaired, which made life difficult. For a new car, the social benefit was not enough. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 3.000.00 to the financing of the used car. 2018_046

Electric recumbent bike

Ms. H. (age 36) is suffering from multiple sclerosis and is 90% severely disabled. In addition, she suffers from a bladder and intestinal incontinence, depression, and much more. Since her ability to keep balance is now severely limited, she can no longer ride a standard bike. An electric recumbent bike will increase her range significantly. However, her low income is insufficient to purchase such a bike. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 1,158.40 to the financing. 2018_047