Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to institutions in 2019


The charitable association "Kinderschutz München e.V." is committed to helping children in the residential group in Markt Indersdorf. The children cared for in the residential groups have often experienced violence and abuse. The children hardly know common leisure activities and family holidays. 8 unaccompanied, underage refugees and 3 carers took a 5-day vacation trip to Füssen and stayed in a youth hostel. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation absorbed costs of € 3,288.05.  2018_42



Christmas party 2018

The charitable association "Innere Mission München" maintains two therapeutic residential communes. Due to stressful experiences and developments in life, the residents find it difficult to interact with their fellow residents. There are several joint activities offered. In 2018, a Christmas party with a decorated Christmas tree, festive food and small gifts for the 14 residents was also held. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation absorbed costs of € 300.00. 2018_48

Anti-Slip flooring

The counseling center of the charitable association "pro familia Lübeck e.V." offers help with problems in the partnership, pregnancy, family planning, and preventive projects for children and youngsters. They especially focus on working with disabled people and their relatives. With growing demand, the center has moved to larger barrier-free facilities. The total cost of the remodeling amounted to approximately € 30,000.00. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation contributed € 3,000.00 to the cost of a anti-slip flooring. 2018_49

Tablet PCs

With the project "SELF" the charitable organization "Deutsche Soccer Liga e.V." wants to support young mothers and fathers with disabilities to become more independent. An elementary tool to gain access to information is a tablet PC connected to the Internet. The tablet PC helps to remove existing barriers of communication and to reduce fears of the Internet and PC. This significantly improves their social participation in work, education, leisure, and living. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation absorbed the cost of € 10,000.00 for 37 tablet PCs.2018_50