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These are just some examples of donations to institutions in 2018

Bird´s Nest Swing

The charitable association “Christliches Judenddorfwerk Deutschlands” is planning to remodel the outdoor facilities of the support center “Lebensrhythmus”. The association takes care of adults with mostly multiple handicaps. The outdoor facilities should offer adults an opportunity to develop and sharpen their cognitive senses together with being a place to relax. A     bird´s nest swing is meant to increase their well-being and their ability to relax. The foundation subsidizes the bird´s nest swing with € 5,450.00. 2018_03



Social Street Work

The charitable foundation “Off Road Kids” based in Bad Dürrheim has experienced social street workers to take care of youngsters with severe backgrounds in the street work centers in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Cologne. Since 1993 the foundation has helped 5,000 young people to come out of homelessness. Trained employees continuously monitor the streets for young homeless people and help to admit them in housing facilities. The foundation “Off Road Kids” lacks €300,000.00 every year to continue this work. The foundation subsidizes this activity with € 10,000.00. 2018_05


Summer Camp

The charitable association “KARO” provides social work in the region between Germany and the Czech Republic for threatened women and children facing poverty and prostitution. The social street workers often encounter children in this region who are apparently being forced into prostitution by their parents or relatives. In 2012 for the first time, the “KARO” association conducted a 3-day camp for Czech children (age 3-17) which was very well received. “3 days ideal world” for 30 children. The foundation subsidized the summer camp 2018 with € 4,469.10. 2018_06

Skiing Camp 2018

The charitable “Königin-Juliana-Schule” in Bonn is a school for mentally handicapped children with psychomotor development for its students as the focus. They conduct skiing camps which offer children training to build up their stamina, body coordination and agility. Through this training, the children also learn to deal with setbacks and disappointments. A skiing camp was held in the winter of 2017/18 hosting 10 children and 4 supervisors at a total cost of €6,680.00. The parents paid € 335.00 per child, leaving a funding gap of € 3,330.00. The foundation subsidized the skiing camp with € 2,500.00. 2018_07

House-Extension Proving New Accommodation for Parents

The charitable association “Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland” was founded in 2011 and hosts parents from all over Germany. The hospice provides families the opportunity to spend up to 28 days together. 37 employees and many volunteers provide services according to the holistic concept of the hospice. In 2014 the “Sternstundenhaus” (an extension of the hospice sponsored by the listeners of a Bavarian radio station) was built. This requires another house-extension providing new accommodation for parents and therapy rooms costing €1.3m.  The foundation subsidizes the house-extension with € 10,000.00. 2018_08


Timeout For Parents

The charitable association “Kindernetzwerk” in Aschaffenburg wants to provide also in 2018 a timeout for mothers and fathers who take care day and night of their severely sick and handicapped children, often over decades. The association offers the projects “Mütter im Mittelpunkt” (mothers at the center) to mothers and “TimeOut für Väter” (timeout for fathers) to fathers. On a weekend exhausted mothers and fathers can recover according to the motto “just unwind and gather new strength”. The foundation subsidizes the timeout for parents with € 5,000.00. 2018_09



Family Seminar With Adventure And Experiential Education

The charitable organization KiO e.V. assists families in which a child has had an organ transplant. The range of support includes counselling and supervision, help with authorities, bridging financial gaps. In August 2018 a 4-day seminar was held with 8 families, 4 trainers, 2 psychologists, and a KiO employee. The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the project. 2018_011

Tablets for an Organisation

SELF is an empowerment project of the charitable organization Deutsche Soccer Liga e.V. in Erfurt. It aims at helping young parents with disabilities better understand their own needs and capabilities. These days the internet is important for participation in society. “SELF” helps overcome the barriers, but needed support in the purchase of tablet-pcs. The Foundation paid € 10.000,00 for 37 tablets. 2018_012

Art Workshop

The charitable association “Kunterbunt e.V.” organises day and weekend excursions for disabled people who live in accessible housings in the city of Murnau and adjoining municipalities. From their earnings in sheltered workshops they pay a little part of the cost. The bigger part has to be financed by donations. Participants at the artist workshop in May 2018 were people with and without disabilities. The foundation subsidized the project with € 5,000.00. 2018_014


Weekend Camp for Parents

The charitable foundation “ASBH Hamburg e.V.” offers weekend camps for parents of disabled children. They suffer from spina bifida or hydrocephalus, are paraplegic and use a wheelchair. In the weekend camps the parents get a break from their everyday nursing tasks. It gives them some relief. The nursing care insurance only covers part of the cost. The foundation subsidized this activity with € 1.000,00. 2018_16


Loheland Gymnastics

The special needs school “Paracelsus-Schule Salzburg” offers various kinds of therapies to disabled children. Not all are subsidized by the health insurance. The school asked for donations for the therapy with Loheland Gymnastics for the year 2017/2018. The foundation subsidized the therapy with € 4,000.00. 2018_19


Holiday Camp

The catholic parish “Mariä Sieben Schmerzen” in Munich has set itself to organize an eight days lasting worry-free holiday camp for about 60 children. For most of the kids it is the first time away from their city district. For many of the parents, it is impossible to cover the personal contribution of € 70.00. Volunteers take vacation and cover their own transportation cost to take care of the children in the holiday camp Saalbach/Hinterglemm in Austria. The foundation subsidized this activity with  € 3,000.00. 2018_21


Summer Camp

The charitable association “Spomio” based in Mindelheim is committed to focus not only on supporting mentally and physically disabled in sports activities but also in taking care of them during camps. A summer camp was held in Wagrain, in the Austrian state of Salzburg, hosting 20 children and youngsters as well as 5 voluntary supervisors. Parents paid €250 per child. The remaining costs were borne by the association and covered by donations. The foundation subsidized the summer camp with €4,600. 2018_23


About 20 years ago, the charitable association "Hilfe für Kinder in Uganda e. V.” (help for children in Uganda) started sponsorships for orphans and half-orphans to enable these children to attend school. For about 11 years a secondary school with boarding school is being built. The first successful students returned to this school as teachers after graduation. In the ranking, the school is among the first 25% of the country. Due to the excellent reputation of the excellent education, the inflow is enormous, so that the association urgently needed suitable accommodation for the students.  The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation supported the project dormitory with € 10,000. 2018_33

Riding therapy in Ecuador

Ms. Paliz, a member of the charitable support association "AM-EN", is a therapist in Quito and helps brain and muscle paralyzed children and adolescents. The families of these children are usually destitute and cannot pay any fees. The city of Quito provided a plot of land on which a center for the treatment of handicapped children was built. In Ecuador, there are unusually many disabled people due to, e.g., poor medical care at birth, insect repellents, alcoholism, lack of information etc. At the moment, 200 children with disabilities are cared for, over 100 children are on the waiting list. Grants from the state do not exist. 10 volunteers are employed without payment. However, the 4 trained therapists cost, as well as the food for the animals. The treatment costs about € 960.00 for 1 child per year.    The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation supported the association with € 5,000.00. 2018_34

Acryl Glass column with spluttering water bubbles for a noezel room

The charitable von-Galen School in NRW is a private special education school with a focus on mental development. The buildings of the school are getting old. Especially the softplay room in a leaky container and the snoezel-room in a small, musty basement room do not meet today's standards. "Ein Herz für Kinder“ (a charitable association – “A Heart for Children") has given the grant to allow these two rooms to be added to existing buildings. Start of construction was in the middle of 2018, completion at the beginning of 2019. New furnishings are of course also needed. The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation took over the costs of an acryl glass column with spluttering water bubbles for the snoezel-room of € 2,505.97. 2018_38