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These are just some examples of donations to institutions in 2017

Beds for 8 Children

One of the focus areas of the charitable association „Kinderschutz München e.V.“ is help to children who have been exposed to neglect and mistreatment. Their first touch point is the youth welfare office which then places the children with the association for curative education and therapeutic care. The youth welfare office covers the operational costs. The residential group “NahRaum” in Munich-Hasenbergl hosts 4 boys and 4 girls, and urgently needed new beds. This had to be financed by donation. The Foundation covered the total cost of 5.652,20 € for 8 beds. 2017_02

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Ecuador lies within the Northern Volcanic Zone and was again affected by earthquakes in 2016 and 2017. The authorities give very little help to the poorest and handicapped. Mrs Paliz, who is the founder of the independent, non-profit charitable organization AM-EN, is therapist and helps children and young adults with disabilities of brain or muscles. The city of Quito offered a piece of land to the organisation on which a centre for the treatment of the children has been built. One of their offerings is therapeutic horseback riding. The Foundation contributed 3.000,00 € to the project. 2017_07


Family Seminar With Adventure And Experiential Education

The charitable organization KiO Kinderhilfe e.V. assists families in which a child has had an organ transplant. The range of support includes counselling and supervision, help with authorities, bridging financial gaps. In May 2017 the 4-day seminar was held in Thuringia with 4 families consisting of 8 adults, 4 organ transplant children (age 13-15) and their siblings (age 9-15). The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the project. 2017_10

Winter Clothing for Afghanistan

In spring 2016, the organization Cabilla e.V. distributed foods to approx. 2,500 apathetic and starving people. Heavy avalances had torn away many houses, and destroyed food supplies. The small villages at 3,500 altitude can only be reached by foot or with the help of mules. For spring 2018, the organization plans to deliver winter clothing to the children, and cloth and sewing machines so that the widows can produce further clothes for their families. The winter clothing for 500 children costs approx. 10.000,00 €. The Foundation contributed 6.000,00 € to the project. 2017_11




Every two years in spring, the charitable organisation FRANKA offers recreational activities to about 50 disabled children and young people. In May 2017 they planned for about 100 overnight guests plus 20 daytime visitors. Members of the care team also needed accommodation. Having meals together was part of the program, and also music, games, evening entertainment. A discussion forum was offered for parents and professionals. 40,00 € were paid by each participant. The Foundation contributed 2.000,00 € to the project. 2017_12



Healthy Breakfast

The charitable organisation Trampelpfad started in 2009. For several years already, the voluntary assistants prepare healthy breakfasts which are offered to 3 schools in Artern once a week. They collect donations to be able to fund the project. In Northern Thuringia the share of child poverty and social problems is relatively high. Refugees are adding to this. The Foundation contributed 2.700,00 € to the project. 2017_13



Weekend Trip

In July 2017, the charitable Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. organized a weekend trip for seven families to get away from their demanding everyday lives. They could do an excursion in the “Autostadt Wolfsburg”, participate in workshops, and visit a circus. The accommodation in a local hotel was paid for but the costs of transportation in private cars were quite a burden for the families. The Foundation covered the costs to the amount of 1.996,80 €. 2017_14

Project SELF

SELF is an empowerment project of the charitable organization Deutsche Soccer Liga e.V. in Erfurt. It aims at helping young parents (16 to 26 years old) better understand their own needs and capabilities, and successfully complete their apprenticeship – and at the same time strengthen their role as parents. The Foundation donated € 10.000,00.



The organisation Evangelisches Hilfswerk in Munich offers help to women who have social or financial problems and experience great misfortune. Many are single mothers who are insecure in raising of their children or are hesitant to visit the authorities. A special project offers excursions, sports, and parties for mothers and children together. The Foundation supported the project with € 2.500,00. 2017_032


Outpatient Hospice Work

The focus of the charitable foundation “Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München” is on children who suffer from life-threatening diseases. The personnel offer outpatient help to the families in order to secure the best medical and therapeutic care of the child, psychological help for siblings, crisis intervention, grief counselling, etc. The personnel regularly receive professional training. The Foundation supported the project with € 5.000,00. 2017_040

Skiing Camp 2017

The charitable Königin-Juliana-Schule in Bonn is a school for mentally handicapped children. One focus area is the psychomotor development. It offers trainings for endurance, physical coordination, skilfulness, and the children learn to deal with setbacks and disappointments. The skiing camp 2017/18 was planned with 10 children and 4 supervisors at a total cost of 6.680,00 €. The parents paid 335,00 € per child. The funding gap was € 3.330,00. 2017_022

Summer Camp 2017

The ecclesiastical parish Mariä Sieben Schmerzen in Munich organized a summer camp for 65 children. Eight happy days of vacation away from home, away from the neighbourhood, and even in a foreign country. Voluntary supervisors had taken the week off and take care of the children at no cost. Many of the families could not cover the contribution of 70,00 € per child. The Foundation donated € 1.000,00 towards the cost of the trip. 2017_023

Playground Equipment

The association Lebenshilfe Göppingen e.V. cares for about one thousand people with mental, psychical and physical handicaps. Support is offered to manage private life (fx. house hunting, structure of the working day). Children are taken care of in a kindergarten. A birds nest was needed for the playground. It would help dealing with fear and strengthen dexterity. The association did not have the financial means to buy the birds nest. The Foundation covered the cost in the amount of € 4.631,48. 2017_024

Raised Garden Bed

The charitable organization Balthasar was planning to lay out a protected experience garden which would also be of value to children in wheelchairs, and even to bedridden children. Planting and harvesting improves motor skills and strengthens self-esteem. A raised garden bed with herbs was needed. Bedridden children will profit as their sensory perception increases when they smell the herbs. The Foundation contributed € 1.000,00 to the purchase of the raised garden bed. 2017_025


Football Ground Terrace

Mr. Obermann has been engaged in aid for developing countries for many years. In Nepal, Kopan, he helped building two football grounds for needy children, and started a football training school under the Nepal Youth Programme. A new football training school was being planned in Kuleshwor, on a terrain offered by the mayor for use free of charge. A terrace would be nice to have for the many spectators. The Foundation supported the project with € 5.000,00. 2017_026