Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2017

Wheelchair lift

Mrs R. (age 55) suffers from multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, and paraparesis of her legs. Due to the progressive disorder, she became unable to store her wheelchair in her car without extra help. With a side loading wheelchair lift, which she couldn’t afford herself, she is now independent again. The Foundation contributed 3.000,00 € to the purchase of the equipment. 2017_01

Platform Lift

E. Sch. (age 14) suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It causes muscles to weaken and waste over time. He lives in a single family, multi-storey house with his siblings and their parents. Climbing the chairs had become increasingly exhausting, and impossible without help. The costs of mounting a platform lift to the house exceeded the financial situation of the family. The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the purchase of the platform lift. 2017_03

Big Van for a big Family

Family D. consists of mum and dad plus 6 children, age 1 to 13. They are all deaf. They live in a rented house and had a car with just 7 seats which was not yet paid off. A bigger car was needed because it is impossible to keep together so many deaf people in public service vehicles. The salary of the husband is supplemented by public family allowances of various kinds. Not enough to put aside money for a bigger car. The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the purchase of the van. 2017_04

A Car

In 2013 Mrs S. (age 27) gave birth to her son L. Because of spina bifida he had to undergo surgery several times during which he had more than one cardiac arrest. For a long time, medical treatments and therapies are necessary. Mrs S. is a single mother with a modest income and no reserve assets to be able to buy a car, which would ease their future life. The Foundation contributed 3.000,00 € to the purchase of the car. 2017_05

A Car

Mr W. (age 24) was born as a premature infant. He suffers from hemiplegia with arthrosis and from epilepsy. He goes to a sheltered workshop, and with his electric wheelchair he can get to some of his doctors. His mother has always been his main helper and nurse. Her life partner was impaired by a work accident. To be able to continue visits to remote therapists, a car with a wheelchair ramp became necessary. The family had not been able to put money aside for such an investment. The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the purchase of the car. 2017_06

Family Car

The past 10 years, Mrs K. (age 50) has been on her own with her 4 children. Each of them has a disease. Because of hip dysplasia the 24-year-old daughter is unable to work, and so is the 20-year-old son. The 14-year-old son suffers heavily from ADHS and his 10-year-old sister is diagnosed with OCD. These impairments make it impossible to use public transport, and the family needed a car. The Foundation contributed 3.890,00 € to the purchase of a second-hand car. 2017_08

Bathroom Remodelling

Mrs W. (age 53) and her two sons live in a house of their own. Both the 27-year-old and the 17-year-old suffer from muscular atrophy and are dependent on a wheelchair. Several alterations in the house had become necessary including the bathroom. The Foundation contributed 5.000,00 € to the remodelling of the bathroom. 2017_09

Handicap Car Drive Modifications

Mr S. (age 33) had a bad snowboarding accident three years ago and was heavily injured. He needs a wheelchair to get around. His parents have actively supported him in getting back into a self-determined life. He now lives in a handicapped accessible flat. Modifications to the existing car were needed, as this would help him in his search for a new job. The Foundation paid 5.462,25 € for the handicap car drive modifications. 2017_15


Family Car

The two sons of Mrs. Y. (age 46) are in their early twenties. At the age of 8 or 10 they were diagnosed with NBIA, a neuro-degenerative disease with brain iron accumulation, resulting in spasticity, speech disorder, incontinence. The strength of their muscles has decreased and they both need a wheelchair. The old car did not offer enough space any more. The foundation contributed 2.000,00 € to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped accessible car. 2017_029

Foot and Leg Surgery

The family J. had lived in Germany before going back to Georgia. Their son was born in Germany in 2015. His feet were not perfect for walking, a shin was too short, a calf bone was missing. A German hospital was able to help and after two operations, a happy family could return home with their son. The Foundation contributed 3.000,00 € to the cost of the hospital treatment. 2017_030

Singing Bowls

The nestling S. (age 10) of Mrs. Z. (age 48) is profoundly disabled. An infantile brain damage causes spasticity and scoliosis. She hardly moves, cannot speak, suctioning helps keep the airway clear. But she loves treatment with singing bowls. The Foundation covered the cost of the singing bowls and training of their use in the amount of € 588,09. 2017_031

Riding Therapy

N. (age 17) was born with a pervasive development disorder. For 10 years his special needs school paid for his riding therapy. It stopped when he moved to a sheltered workshop. His mother, being a single mother, does not have enough financial resources. The Foundation paid for 50 hours of riding therapy, amounting to € 2.850,00. 2017_033

Second-Hand Car

Mrs. K. (age 40) suffers from mental and physical handicaps. She lives in a special-care home. Her mother (age 62) visits her every weekend and drives her to doctors and therapies. It is 30 KM each way. The car was old and had become too small for transportation of Mrs. K. because she has to take her wheelchair with her. The foundation contributed € 3.000,00 to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped accessible car. 2017_034

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

K. (age 18 months) was born with CAH. Her body could be that of a boy but a gene test result confirmed her to be a girl. Corrective genital surgery was needed. The operating doctor refrained from issuing an invoice, other cost was covered by volunteers. The Foundation contributed € 1.890,70 to the cost of the surgery. 2017_035

Furniture For Children´s Room

A few years ago, Mr. S. (age 32) had to undergo surgery of a tumour of the spinal cord. It failed to effect a cure. The tumour is growing again and he is unable to work. His wife jobs as a cleaner. They wanted to swap the children’s with the sleeping room, but did not have savings to cover the cost. The Foundation paid for the furniture for the children’s room, amounting to € 1.500,00. 2017_036

Electric Tricycle

Mr. K. (age 55) suffers from partial paraplegia, diabetes, and hypertonia – aftereffects of surgery several years ago. He started to feel better and wanted to take active part in family life again. An electric tricycle would be of big help, but they had not been able to put money aside for it. The Foundation contributed € 2.000,00 to the purchase of the tricycle. 2017_037

Second Hand Car

Mrs. N. (age 47) is a single mother. Her son (age 10) suffers from muscle weakness and is dependent on a wheelchair. The equipment did not fit into the old car, but the small family could not afford a new one as Mrs. N. had had to quit work to take care of her son. The foundation contributed € 4.000,00 to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped accessible car. 2017_038

Second Hand Car

R. (age 14) suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He went through a 10 hours lasting surgical operation to stiffen his back. He can only sit upright or lie, not bend. Transport in the family car was impossible. A new car with a swivel seat was urgently needed to take R. to doctors and therapies. But the family could not afford it, as the father had stopped working in order to take care of his son. The foundation contributed € 3.000,00 to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped accessible car. 2017_039

Electric Triycle

Mrs H. (age 33) had a severe riding accident in 2007. It has caused post-traumatic stress disorder, diabetes mellitus and some allergies. She is 100 % disabled and is dependent on a wheelchair. An electric tricycle would ease her everyday life and allow her to expand her action radius for her and her assistance dog. The Foundation contributed € 3.000,00 to the purchase of a freeliner. 2017_016

Platform Lift

B. (age 3) was born with the defect spina bifida and needs care day and night. His grandparents now live in a nearby apartment in order to assist his parents. The landlord has modified both bathrooms in support of the families. In addition, a platform lift was needed when they have to leave the house. The Foundation contributed € 1.860,45 to the purchase of the platform lift. 2017_017

Throat Surgery

When C. (age 3) was just one year old, he mistakenly drank caustic soda. As it eroded his throat and oesophagus, he has had to be fed with the help of a stomach tube through his abdominal wall. The children’s hospital in Cologne was able to help but the family, living in Mauritania, could not afford the expensive treatment. The Foundation contributed € 7.000,00 to the cost of the hospital treatment. 2017_018

Recumbent Bike with Motor

Several years ago Mrs. N. (age 51) had a thigh amputation. Complications and several hospital stays made her depressive and fearful. Her disability pension benefit is very low and she has not been able to save up money for a bike which would allow her more mobility. The Foundation contributed € 1.000,00 to the purchase of the bike. 2017_019

Family Car

Mrs. G. (age 53) is the single mother of two adolescent boys. The 14-year-old suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. He cannot speak or swallow and receives permanent ventilation. It only allows Mrs. G. to work 10 hours per week. The size of the special wheelchair was adjusted to fit the boy better, but this caused problems with the present car. There wasn’t enough space, and family trips became impossible. The foundation contributed € 3.500,00 to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped accessible car. 2017_020

A Car

Mr K. (age 46) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. The degree of disability is 80 %. He suffers from severe pain and often has to visit doctors. Despite this, he voluntarily heads a group of MS sufferers in the German MS organization in Niedersachsen. The Foundation supported the purchase of a handicapped accessible second-hand car with € 3.000,00. 2017_021

House Extension

Since her birth, the young woman N. (age 24) suffers from muscular atrophy. Immobility and ankyloses will increasingly require more nursing, which her mother provides full-time. Her father is the single earner. She lives with her 2 siblings and their parents in their private house. Over the years, the house had been adapted to the needs of the disabled. The costs were covered by own funds, private borrowing, and state subsidies. But the girl’s room had become too small for the needs of a sane young woman. The plan was to extend the house by a 30 square meter room. The Foundation contributed € 5.000,000 to the project. 2017_027

Platform Lift

9 year old S. suffers from many diseases due to suffocation during birth – bradycardia, spastic tetraplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, to name a few. Her grandmother Ms. S. (age 73) has been her nurse from the early days. After the death of Mr. S. a year ago, Ms. S. and her son, who also has a 20 year old daughter, lost track of their expenses. As the girl grew older, taller and heavier, it became increasingly difficult for the grandmother and the nurses to carry her down the 5 stairs to the street door. A platform lift would be of big help. The Foundation contributed € 1.000,00 to the purchase of a platform lift. 2017_028