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These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2016

Electric Scooter

Mr. S. (age 49) suffers from a progressive limb paralysis. He cannot walk long distances and had to give up his own car-repair shop. His only income, the unemployment allowance, is very low. The Foundation subsidized the electric scooter with € 600,00. 2016_11

Handpowered Mountainbike

At the age of 12 the now 29-year-old Mr. S. was diagnosed with spastic paraparesis. He is a wheelchair rugby player and also keen on biking. His old hand-bike is not good for the use in paved roads, but a handpowered mountainbike would serve the purpose and also be great support for his sporty ambitions. Mr. S. and his parents have invested in the barrier-free conversion of their house, hence lack the full amount of money for a new bike. The Foundation subsidized the handpowered mountainbike with € 3.500,00. 2016_09

Standing Wheelchair

Mrs. B. (age 63) suffers from a serious brain damage caused by a drowning accident 7 years ago. Following her long stay at hospital, her husband joins forces with a nursing service in taking care of her day and night. As her health insurance coverage is very limited, the majority of the equipment needed has to be paid for by the couple itself. The Foundation subsidized a standing wheelchair with € 3.735,60. 2016_08



Swivel Seat for Car

Mr E. (age 52) suffers from an aneurysm in the brain which causes several other disorders. He lives in a special-care home. His family takes him home regularly, however, to move him from the wheelchair into their car, his wife needs help from someone. A swivel seat for the car would avoid this, and also the trips to doctors and therapy would be less cumbersome. The Foundation subsidized the swivel seat with € 2.785,00. 2016_07



Wheelchair Tractor

8 years ago Mr K. (age 51) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He lives with his wife and their three children in their own little house. Physical therapy is not sufficient to stimulate the muscle structure. A so called tractor for his wheelchair would help and also add to his mobility together with the family members. A stair-lift for the house and a family car had to be financed and left no money for additional purchases. The Foundation subsidized the wheelchair tractor with € 4.135,22. 2016_06

Second-Hand Car For A Small Family

The 4-year-old T. suffers from the maple syrup urine disease. It is a metabolic disorder affecting branched-chain amino acids. He needs expensive special nourishments and his mother has to take him to doctors very often. Therefore she cannot work full-time. His father is a shift worker and is dependent on the present car. Interest and instalment payments for their house are due every month. A small second-hand car would be a great advantage for the family. The Foundation subsidized the car with € 5.000,00. 2016_03


The 6-year-old L. was born with a malformation of his right leg and foot. He already had 2 surgeries and his orthosis allows him to run, jump and play like a healthy child. But more surgery is necessary e.g. for an additional bone lengthening. He lives with his parents and two older siblings in Poland. Family and friends have used up their savings, and although the sponsoring family in Germany pays the cost of journey and accommodation, help is needed. The Foundation subsidized the surgery with € 5.000,00.  2016_01

Contribution to Living Expenses

For many years, Mrs U. (age 52) has suffered from several severe diseases such as complications after a stroke, sudden hearing loss, adrenal insufficiency, cancer, polyarthritis, and from major depression. Her employer terminated the job contract. The sickness benefit is not enough to cover living expenses and the badly needed medicine. Mrs U. received € 1.000,00 from the Foundation.


Contribution to Living Expenses - Heating Oil

Mrs W. (age 61) is divorced. Her children have grown up and left home. The loan on her home has been paid off. In September 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through mastectomy. The sickness benefit is not high, and she had no money for the next supply of heating oil. Mrs W. received € 500,00 from the Foundation.

Car Repair

Mr B. (age 35) suffers from paraplegia following a swimming accident 8 years ago. The pension insurance company financed his wheelchair car. The motor of the ramp had to be replaced but the insurance company refused to pay for it because the personal circumstances of Mr B. had changed from employee to student. The Foundation settled the invoice of € 449,23 for the repair of the motor.

Contribution to Living Expenses

Mrs D. (age 50) has received treatment against kidney cancer and a brain tumor. Therapies have ended and she would like to start working again as a housekeeper in a retirement home. The long duration of illness had drained her financial resources, and she had to take a loan to buy a car. To bridge the time between now, an additional stay at a rehabilitation centre, and a new job, Mrs D. received a grant of € 1.000,00 from the Foundation.

Purchase of a Mattress

Mrs G. (age 45) suffers from fibromyalgia and thyroid disorder. She has had to stop working and is not expecting full recovery despite therapies at rehabilitation facilities. Because of her chronic pain syndrome, she needed a new mattress with slats. This was paid for by the Foundation (€ 527,00).

Contribution to Living Expenses

Mr H. (age 61) was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had surgery. Mr H. also suffers from Hodgkin's disease, however, had been able to add to his small pension by selling products from his market garden. Presently he is too weak for gardening, and his savings have come to an end. Mr H. received € 1.000,00 from the Foundation.

Contribution to Living Expenses and Washing Machine

Mr K. (age 49) is ill with diabetes, polyneuropathy, and a serious cancer disease. His washing machine is not functioning and he is too ill to take his clothes to a self-service laundry. Because of his meagre income, the Foundation contributed € 750,00 to the purchase of a new washing machine and to living expenses.

Contribution to Living Expenses

Mr K. (age 53) is a single-father of a 15- and an 18-year-old son. His wife had cancer and died 14 years ago. 5 years later, Mr K. was diagnosed with the Parkinson’s disease. His degree of disability is 80% and he is unable to go to work. The boys are still attending school. There just isn’t enough money to cover the basic needs. The family received € 1.000,00 from the Foundation.

Furniture For Children´s Room

R. is 12 years old and suffers from Down Syndrome with a disability percentage of 80. Her mother who came to Germany from Togo takes care of R. and her younger sister. The family income consists of social benefits (care and child allowances, “Hartz IV”). It is impossible to put aside money for extras. The family relocated to a new flat where each of the girls has her own room. The Foundation subsidized the purchase of two new beds and wardrobes with € 678,96.


Repair of Charger for E-Wheelchair

For many years, Mrs. W. (age 70) suffers from a partial paralysis. Her husband left her behind in an old apartment. Recently she moved to a sheltered housing. She lives on a very low pension. The Foundation paid € 750,00 for a new battery for her electric wheelchair, which enables her to get around outside her flat, summer and winter.

Handicapped Accessible Second-Hand-Car

Mr. G.‘s brother had a car accident in which he was seriously injured and has since been in a coma. Mr. G wanted to visit him every day, however, this caused the loss of his job and he incurred debts. He has found a new job, but now his car is in need of repair. He fears losing his job again if he has no car. The Foundation subsidized a second-hand car € 7.000,00. 2016_18

Second Hand Car

Mr and Mrs W.-G. form a blended family with their four children. The 15-year-old daughter has a 100 % degree of disability because of down syndrome and mental retardation. The 14-year-old son is diagnosed with autism. The 11-year-old son suffers from tremors and mental retardation. The 10-year-old son needs almost full-time help because of his perceptual disorder. They all have regular visits at doctors and therapists. A replacement of the 12-year-old car was necessary. The Foundation subsidized a second-hand handicapped accessible car with € 3.000,00.  2016_17

Second-Hand Car

Mr. B. (age 49) suffers from arthrosis of the joints in knees, arms, and shoulders. His left leg had to be stiffened, and he has a disability percentage of 100 %. For many years morphine has been used as pain medication which is why he receives pension for reduced earning capacity. He needed a handicapped accessible second-hand car for the regular visits to doctors and treatments. The Foundation subsidized the car with € 500,00. 2016_16

Leg Prosthesis

As a result of a traffic accident 5 years ago, the leg of Mr. A. (age 33) was injured. He had an amputation below the knee. Family and friends collected money for the first prosthesis. Now, a new one is needed. Mr. A. lives in Mongolia where such treatment and supply is close to impossible. His sister lives in Germany and organized this next trip and paid the cost of journey and accommodation. The Foundation subsidized the new leg prosthesis with € 6.770,00. 2016_15


A Car

Mr. E. (age 61) has gone through diabetic foot amputation, and bypass surgery after a heart attack. He is living alone and needed a car to maintain his mobility and to earn a living. Mr. E. is still paying off the mortgage loan on his owner-occupied flat, and as he does not receive social benefits, he has not been able to put aside money for a car. The Foundation subsidized the car with € 3.000,00. 2016_41


Wheelchair Ramp

Mr. H. (age 55) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy 16 years ago. His degree of disability is 90 % and the care level is III. He is presently working from home, however, next year that will change. In order to get in and out of the house without help, Mr. H. needs a wheelchair ramp to overcome the steps. This will not be covered by the health insurance company as it already granted a subsidy for the modification of the bathroom. The Foundation subsidized the ramp with € 3.078,00. 2016_39

Second Hand Car

Since her husband died two years ago, Mrs M. (age 43) has the sole custody of their 10-year-old daughter P. who suffers from cerebral palsy. The girl cannot walk and cannot sit upright on her own. As she grows older, moving her in and out of a car becomes more and more physically demanding for her mother and a different car is badly needed. Due to the cost relating to the death and funeral of her husband, Mrs. M. has not been able to save up money. The Foundation sponsored the purchase of a second hand car to the amount of € 3.000,00. 2016_38

Swivel Seat for a Car

Mrs Sch. (age 47) is a single mother of twin-sons (age 11) who were born with disabilities. One of the boys has a light diparesis, and his brother has tetraparesis, which makes him dependent on a wheelchair. He needs help to get in and out of the car. A swivel seat would ease the burden for the mother and other helpers, but the cost is too high for the family budget. The Foundation paid € 706,04 for the swivel seat. 2016_37

Handicap-Accessible Car

The 13-year-old L. suffers from muscular dystrophy and will soon have to fully rely on a wheelchair to get around. Before they received the diagnose, the parents had bought their own house which now has to be modified.. Although both are in full employment, they cannot also afford the urgently needed handicap-accessible car. The Foundation subsidized the car with € 3.000,00. 2016_46

Handicap-Accessible Car

Caused by blood poisoning, Mr Sch. (age 39) had gone through amputation of several extremities (lower legs, forearm, fingers). Prostheses allow him to live an almost independent life. He did a special driving test for a car which would be modified for his needs. The Foundation subsidized the car with € 5.000,00. 2016_048


Dumbbell System

Mrs W. (age 31) receives full-time assistance because she is affected with spinal muscular atrophy. She uses a wheelchair and is as sporty as her disability allows, however, always needs help from her assistants. She can use dumbbells on her own which strengthens not just the muscles in her arms but also her psyche. Because of her meagre income she could not pay for this herself. The Foundation paid € 2.799,00 for the dumbbell system. 2016_049

Second Hand Handicap-Accessible Car

Mr B. (age 50) has multiple sclerosis. His degree of disability is 100 %. Mrs. B. was the sole wage earner. She became ill and although she is working again, it isn’t the same. She now has a degree of disability of 60 %. Mr. B had become unable to move from his wheelchair into the family car. A handicap-accessible car was needed. The Foundation contributed 3.500,00 € to the purchase of the car. 2016_051

Second Hand Car

Mrs S. (age 30) is the single mother of 3 children. They live in their own house, but are still paying off the equity loan. The 10-year-old daughter suffers from epilepsy, and every day a cerebral edema causes dizziness. The 7-year-old daughter suffers from imbalance due to a chronic inflammation of the cranial bone. The son was heavily traumatized by domestic violence. Mrs. S. needed a car to be able to get to work and to take her children to the various doctors and therapies. The Foundation contributed 4.760,00 € to the purchase of the car. 2016_052


Mrs W. (age 41) was born with the birth defect spina bifida and is reliant on a wheelchair. A handbike would allow her some independence, and to build-up of strength. Her husband (age 39) takes care of her and earns a bit by delivering newspapers. They live in her father’s house. Their meagre income was needed for the barrier-free construction. The Foundation paid 3.274,88 € for the handbike. 2016_053