Help us to help!

These are just some examples of donations to institutions in 2015

Sports for young people

This project, based on sport pedagogy, aims at strengthening the social integrity of young adults who are socially handicapped or are behind in learnings. They are recruited from the “youth-profession-support-group” in Erfurt where they have started their apprenticeship. Teachers, social pedagogues, and instructors are also trained. The first part of the program was successfully finalized. For the next round, the Foundation donated € 10.000.




Vacation camps for young people

Since 19 years, the charitable „Kunterbunt e,V”. organizes excursions and recreational trips (e.g. farm visits) for the disabled young people in Murnau, and also offers this to the homes for the handicapped in neighbouring villages, and to families where the child lives at home. In 2013 about 900 people joined one or more of the 65 offerings. A big part of the costs is paid by the disabled young people themselves from their earnings (100-150 €/month) in disabled centers. But helpers have to be paid for, and although they only receive a low salary, the organization has difficulties bridging. The Foundation donated € 5,000.



Skiing event

The charitable school Königin-Juliana in Bonn regularly organizes skiing-events for their pupils. This year they plan to send 10 disabled children off for a weekend. Each pair of parents pays € 300. The remainder part of the costs, € 3.190, was donated by the Foundation.


Swing set for wheelchairs

The charitable pastoral care for disabled of the episcopal Ordinariat Mainz, as part of the catholic church, is focusing on the inclusion of all participants at their events, children days, and other social gatherings. A swing set for wheelchairs may help easing the contact between children, youngsters, and young adults, whether disabled or not, and thus help to build friendships. The Foundation supported the purchase with € 3.500.