Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2015

Tandem for a 13-year-old boy

The 13-year-old Florian is diagnosed with Morbus Niemann Pick C (NPC), a progressive neurological disease. He needs full-time care as he now cannot talk, has difficulties in walking, and often suffers an epileptic fit. He loved to ride a bicycle together with his younger brother and their parents. The Foundation fullfilled Florian’s greatest wish - the whole family on bicycle tour. Mrs Beckenbauer presented them with a special tandem worth € 4.300.


Car for a single mother with a disabled child

The 12-year-old L. was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy Duchenne when he was 9 and is now being nursed all around the clock by his mother. A wheelchair accessible vehicle for the visits to doctors and therapy became an imperative necessity. The family income is very low because the single mother only receives maternity benefits, child and nursing allowances. Nonetheless, she had been able to save up a small sum of money. The Foundation supported the purchase of a handicapped accessible second-hand car with approx. € 2.450.



Mrs B. is 33 years old. She suffers from severe chronical diseases and since 3 years uses a wheelchair to get around. She is a very active and sporty person and volunteers her time to various activities in the city of Erding, e.g. self-help-groups. She distributes flyers and posters and participates in donation campaigns. A handbike would increase her mobility and also support her sporty ambitions. She lost her job in a sheltered workshop when she started using the wheelchair and now receives social security benefits from which she hasn’t been able to put aside money. The Foundation supported the purchase of a handbike with approx. € 1.900.


Wheelchair lift

The 58-year-old Mr P. had a severe heart attack followed by various complications which led to the amputation of both legs above the knees. His mezzanine flat is barrier-free, but 1.03 meters to the ground are insurmountable. With a wheelchair lift from the balcony into the garden Mr P. would regain some autonomy. He can then get around in the neighbourhood on his own, visit his doctors, go to therapy, and do shopping. As the public health fund rejected the application, the Foundation subsidized the wheelchair lift with approx. € 1.620.


Indoor wheelchair

Mrs O. is 48 years old and suffers from muscular dystrophy. Since her indoor wheelchair broke, she moves around in her flat on an office chair. Her outdoor wheelchair is too big for the flat. Unfortunately, the policies of the insurance company only permit the purchase of a new wheelchair every 5 years. The Foundation granted approx. € 2.100 for the purchase of an indoor wheelchair.


Car for a single mother with 2 disabled children

Mrs M. is 42 years old and a single mother of 2 boys (15 and 16 years old) who both suffer from muscular dystrophy and are wheelchair dependent. The elder son now stays in a group run by Pfennigparade, but returns home every two weeks and during the school holidays. The grandparents live in the same house, and they join forces with a nursing service in taking care of the boys. Managing all of this doesn’t work without an appropriate car. As a gear box damage of the old car couldn’t be fixed, the Foundation contributed € 5.000 to the purchase of a second-hand handicapped-friendly car.


Handicaped-friendly kitchen

In an accident with a snowboard, Mr S. was severely injured and has to use a wheelchair to move around. An extensive range of rehabilitation training programmes ultimately enabled Mr S. to live on his own in a flat. Nursing care is limited. However, the kitchen had to be changed to meet his needs. Although Mr S. works part-time now, and hopes to be able to increase to full-time, he cannot afford the kitchen reconstruction. The Foundation paid approx. € 7.600 for the handicapped-friendly kitchen.