Help us to help!

These are just some examples of donations to institutions in 2014

School refurbishment in Kenya

The Austrian organization “Silent Help” collects donations to support a boarding school in Kwale/Kenya with free lunch for its roughly 100 deaf and dumb children. The school was established many years ago, and building refurbishment had become necessary – class rooms, bedrooms, dining area, bathrooms. The Foundation donated € 10.000. Silent Help representatives were on-site, actively supporting the renovation.


Kids tent camp

In the German-Czech border region, the charitable organization KARO e.V. in Plauen has established welfare work in support of women and children who experience physical or mental violence or sexual exploitation. Sex tourism is a big issue, and the streetworkers meet many children in this environment. The procurer is often to be found within their own families. They live in poor circumstances, in houses without water, heating, and electricity. For the first time in 2012, the organization offered a tent camp for 36 children. The “three days in an ideal world” was a big success, and the head of the organization, Mrs Sch. would like to repeat it. The Foundation donated € 4.850.


Surgery equipment for hospital in Nepal

The purpose of the charitable “Namasté Stiftung der Bolde Freunde“ in Gilching near Munich is basic help to the people in Nepal with focus on healthcare and education. It is about help for the poorest of the poor. Mortality rates are extremely high – for babys and their mothers. The Namasté Stiftung helps building a hospital with an intensive care unit and a school building for the medical staff. All surgery equipment has to be purchased. The Foundation supports this with a donation of € 3.000.