Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2014

Car for a single mother with a disabled daughter

The youngest of 3 children (21, 26, and 12 years) is disabled due to decreased oxygen before or during the birth and needs intensive care and therapy. As a single mother, Mrs W. (43 y.) spends most of her time and energy on the well-being of her daughter, and has little time for a regular job. It was impossible to put aside money for the unexpected. When the old car broke down, the Foundation supported the purchase of a handicapped accessible second-hand car with € 5.000.


Car for a single mother with 2 disabled sons

Mrs P. (38 y.) is a single mother of 3 children. The 11-year old son is physically handicapped and the 7-year-old is mentally disabled. Caring for the three demands all the time of Mrs P. and only source of income is social benefits. For the challenge of getting the children to the various schools and therapy, a new car was needed. The Foundation supported the purchase of a second-hand car with € 5.000.


Hip surgery for a Polish boy

7-year-old J. from Poland was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC). Children born with this condition suffer from joint contractures and abnormal fibrosis of the muscle tissue. After several corrective hip surgeries, he is now able to sit upright. He is also undergoing daily physical therapy. The Foundation supported his medical care with a € 3.000 donation.


Swivel seat for a car

Andreas K. was born with cerebral palsy (a common movement disorder in children) and is 100 % disabled. He is now 14 years old and too heavy for his mother to transfer him from the wheelchair into the car seat. A swivel seat would be the right solution, however, couldn’t be afforded by the family. The Foundation contributed € 3.000 to the purchase of the swivel seat.