Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to institutions in 2013

A car for Caritas-Kinderdorf

Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg e.V. (childrens' village) badly needed a car for the transportation to therapies and doctors. The institution hosts children who cannot live with their families - some permanently, some temporarily. The Foundation supported the acquisition of a car with a € 4,000 donation.


New building for children´s home

The 27 children who live in Clemens-Maria Children’s Home in Aying are between 3 and 14 years old and extremely traumatized. They have been abused or battered, or they are orphans, and all need psychological care. The new house will be their home for a very long time. The old house has been renovated and is now being used for therapies. The Foundation donated € 40,000 for the construction of a new building.



Support for sports group

Behinderten- und Reha-Sportgruppe Mindelheim e.V. has taken on the task of supervising children and youths with disabilities and behavioural problems/disorders. This not only includes sports such as swimming and gymnastics but also leisure activities to alleviate their (feeling of) isolation. The Foundation donated €1000 to the club.


Leisure event for people with Rett syndrom

Landesverband Rett-Syndrom Elternhilfe Hamburg organized a leisure event for parents of children with Rett syndrome. The additional costs for care and supervision were high. The Foundation supported the activity with a € 3,000 donation.