Help us to help!

These are just some examples of help to families and individuals in 2013

Family car

Mr. B. (age 50) has given up his job to be a full-time carer for his disabled and sick wife and their two children. They live in the country side where the availability of public transportation is poor. A car for visits to doctors, therapies and for shopping became a necessity. The Foundation supported the purchase of a very good second-hand car with a € 3,000 donation.


Installation of a lift

Family M. has two children. When the now 5-year-old daughter was born, spina bifida was diagnosed. She is 100 % disabled and dependent on a wheeled walker. The childrens´rooms and the bathroom are on the first floor and a lift became a necessity as the parents cannot keep carrying their daughter up and down the stairs. The financial situation of the family did not allow putting money aside for this. With € 3,000 the Foundation supported the installation of a lift.

Elbow surgery for a Polish boy

6 year old J. from Poland was born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC). Children born with this condition suffer from joint contractures and abnormal fibrosis of the muscle tissue. After several corrective hip surgeries, he is now able to sit upright. He is also undergoing daily physical therapy. Since his body is still growing, he also had to undergo elbow surgery to make sure he is able to eat, comb his hair and manage his personal hygiene himself. The Foundation supported his medical care with a € 3,000 donation.


A car for mother of two disabled children

Mrs. P. (age 38) is a single mother of 3 children. The 11-year-old son is physically disabled and the 7-year-old son is mentally handicapped. Due to the permanent care for the children, Mrs. P. cannot work and social benefits are the only income. A new car was needed for the transportation of the children to institutions and therapies. With € 5,000 the Foundation contributed towards the purchase of a second-hand car.